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Forbes/Lehmann Newsletter Subscriptions

For those QOL users who would like able assistance in selecting income investments, QuantumOnline is offering subscriptions to the Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor newsletter.

The Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor newsletter is the well respected income investing newsletter published by Richard Lehmann, the Forbes magazine income investing columnist and a long time veteran of income investing. The Forbes/Lehmann newsletter is a monthly publication that covers preferreds, bonds, and convertibles. Each month it offers Richard's market commentary, a pick of the month, corporate updates, current recommendations on corporate bonds, preferreds and convertibles, pricing for all current recommendations, model portfolios and more. The model portfolios are offered in low-risk, medium-risk, high-risk and convertible portfolios and offer approximately equal monthly dividend payments. The newsletter is available via email in PDF format, via the U.S. mail, or via both methods for an extra fee. The newsletter is supported by a website that provides subscribers with daily alerts and a full listing of hundreds of past recommendations.

In the interest of full disclosure, QuantumOnline does receive a commission for Forbes/Lehmann newsletter subscriptions placed via the QuantumOnline website. So by subscribing to the Forbes/Lehmann newsletter through QOL you are both helping to support the website and obtaining Richard Lehmann's excellent income investing advice. A subscription to the Forbes/Lehmann newsletter is $195 per year or $345 for two years and the cost is the same whether you subscribe via QOL or directly with Forbes/Lehmann.

To download a sample copy of the 10 page Forbes/Lehmann newsletter in PDF format, click here. You will be able to both review the sample newsletter online and to print it to read offline. You must have the free Adobe Reader program installed to display the sample newsletter. If you need to download the free Adobe Reader program, click here.

To subscribe to the Forbes/Lehmann newsletter, proceed to the QOL newsletter subscription form by clicking here.

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